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Curious about what chemicals are lurking in the products you use to support and clean your body? Penny will show you simple and natural ways to replace products you have in your home that could possibly be messing with your hormones, mood and overall wellbeing. This class will start you off with the basics, showing you how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life and how to make super easy products to reduce the toxic load, be kind to the environment and will save you some hard earned cash.

Penny will provide simple DIY chemical free recipes and show you how to make some lovely products to use on your body. All products will be made in re-usable containers for you to use again and again, which make for a great starter kit to kick start your journey to live a healthier life!

What you'll get

  • Extensive knowledge about essential oils and their uses, teaching you everything you need to know to begin incorporating them into your life.

  • 150ml Body Scrub

  • 50ml Lux Salve

  • 10ml Roller Bottle

  • Foot Soak

  • Recipe book with loads of other recipes to DIY at home

what to bring

  • A small cardboard box or reusable bag to take your products home with you

  • An open mind!


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