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Get handy once and for all by learning how to make a designer side table in a new workshop for beginners.

The mini pallet top is made from plywood offcuts using nails (you’ll learn how to use a hammer correctly). The base is made from beautiful copper pipe and connectors and you’ll discover how to cut this precious material and get creative with the connectors.

You’ll make your very own piece of designer furniture to show off your handiwork in your home or office.

What you'll get

  • tools for use during the workshop including pipe cutter and hammer
  • materials to make the mini pallet top, including plywood cut to size
  • copper pipe and connectors
  • fasteners/nails
  • abrasive paper in various grits
  • finished designer plant stand to show off to your friends & family!

what to bring

  • Your own drill and the bits that go with it if you want to learn how to use it instead of using hammer and nails. Please let us know if you wish to use your own drill.