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Keep yourself, your friends, and family well with simple Chinese Medicine techniques.

Chinese Medicine is a system of health therapies that was given a theoretical basis by Taoist science about 2000 years ago. As much as being a system of medical practice it is a philosophy of maintaining one’s own vitality. Tai chi, qigong, and diet are as much a part of Chinese medicine as acupuncture and Chinese herbs. So while some of therapies should be left to professionals others are suitable for everyday people to use.

Learn the techniques of cupping and scraping to relieve aches, pains, and muscle tightness, and to help recovery from colds and flu’s, and just a little bit of the theory to give these techniques some background.

What you'll get

Vacuum cups and Chinese spoons to be used in the class.

what to bring

Those who want to practice these techniques should dress so that they can expose their shoulders and upper back, and bring a towel to keep extra bare skin covered.

Note – If you do not wish to participate in the practical component of the class, you will still benefit greatly from watching other students demonstrate the techniques 🙂


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