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Ever wanted to learn how to brew you own beer at home? Come along & experience a full day of brewing. Learn by getting your hands dirty as we brew a batch of beer right here at Work-Shop. 

We will cover:

  • All Grain Brew in A Bag Technique
  • Brewing Sanitation
  • Water and PH (Tools, Filtration Measuring and Correcting PH)
  • Mashing and Sparging
  • Fermentation (How to do a Yeast Starter)
  • Measuring Gravity and Calculating ABV
  • Chilling Wort / Heat Exchanging
  • Packaging and Kegging

At the end of this course you should go home confident to be able to complete your own brew in a bag. You will be able to use important brewing tools and equipment and have a clear understanding of the brewing process.

What you'll get

  • A few labeled bottles of the finished product
  • Beers to drink on the day (we will have a keg!)
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Become part of a wider home brewing community, share recipes, compare notes and make some friends.

what to bring

  • Closed Toe Shoes / Boots
  • Clothes That You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty
  • Drinking Hat
  • Home Brews (if you have done any)