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Bicycles need maintenance; they fall apart, rust, go out of tune, and taking them to a bike shop for a service can be very pricey. Bicycle maintenance can seem like a complicated, messy and involved process, but at its heart, it’s very simple.

At Bikes Please we restore, service and sell Bicycles of all types, shapes, colours and sizes. We have been sourcing and repairing old bicycles for years, and we’ve learnt enough tips and tricks to cover almost any problem that might arise.

If you’d like to learn how to service and maintain your push bike, and in doing so save hundreds of dollars in service costs over the next few years, this is a good place to start,

Topics covered in this course:

– the basics of bicycle mechanics/how components on a bicycle work

– brake tuning

– gear tuning

– wheel alignment

– tyre changing

– ongoing care of your push bike

What you'll get

Bicycle stands

All required tools

Workshop gloves

Lube and grease

Old rags

what to bring

Bring along your Push bike!

Don’t have one but still wanna learn some sweet skills? No problem, come help a friend or classmate fix their bike (instant good bike karma)!