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Your comfort zone is like a bad relationship –  hard to break away from but once you do it, your future self will thank you for it.  Letting go of what’s not supporting you is like letting go of that bad relationship: challenging, often messy and full of uncertainty. With the right tools and perspective, you can begin to trust yourself, take risks and be your authentic self. 

Authenticity isn’t always the comfortable option. Choosing to keep it real over being liked is about playing it unsafe and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

  • Are you missing out on opportunities for fear of the unknown? 
  • Is your comfort zone not so comfortable anymore?
  • Do you shoulda, coulda, woulda often? 
  • Are you playing it safe for fear of being judged?

WARNING: Be prepared to actually get out of your comfort zone. Dara is going to ruffle your feathers and get you to start thinking outside of your little bubble. 

It’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable! 

What you'll get

Learn new tools and perspectives that will allow you to take risks with confidence and be your authentic self. 

what to bring

Just yourself!


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