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In this 3 hour workshop, Jess will walk you through the techniques she uses to create and edit lettering on the computer. With a focus on Adobe Illustrator, we’ll look at various ways to use the pen tool to create script lettering. We’ll also look at importing and editing raw hand lettering in Photoshop.

This class is best suited to those who already have knowledge of hand lettering and would like to start creating and editing their work digitally. Students should also have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator’s pen tool, and be familiar with Photoshop.

What you'll get

  • A insightful lesson on all things lettering
  • A Wacom Intuous Pro tablet (optional)

what to bring

  • Laptop computer with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop installed (at least cs5 — you can download a trial if you don’t already have this)
  • Mouse (optional)


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