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* Have you ever dreamed of having the magazine-worthy home?

* Ever tried the TV reno tips yet they didn’t quite work?

* Do you know your own unique design style?

My workshop is here! Learn the Interior Design tips to create a beautiful home + positive and healthy life.

Before designing any home, it’s important to understand the user, their goals and how they want to make a space feel.

In this workshop, HIA 2017 Award Winning Interior Designer Anastasia Dinos, will dig a little deeper to understand you, your ideal vision of your home life and give you the strategies to create your own mood.

* How does your home make you feel?

* Would you like to create a harmonious environment?

* Are you too busy to make time?

* Don’t know where to start?

Did you know your external environment is a reflection of your internal self?

Scientific evidence tells us that our surroundings influence our thoughts, moods and behaviours. However, most people don’t realise how much control we have to influence how we feel through our home.

The home should be a place of rejuvenation and rest that allows you to be the best version of you. Yet most of us are too busy to give it any attention or we don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a tranquil and serene home.

What you'll get

  • Lots of designer tips and strategies in your very own workshop guide!

what to bring

  • Nothing but yourself!


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