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In conjunction with the The Design Conference,  award-winning designer, artist/illustrator and creative director of some of the worlds most iconic magazines – Timba Smits joins us to give participants an inspired understanding of what it takes to package yourself so that you stand out from the crowd. How to create opportunities and nurture them through to starting side projects and engaging with audiences online and offline.

This workshop is designed for participants who are recently graduating or have an existing art, illustration or design background and are looking to improve their personal brand visibility in order to win the attention of art directors, potential employers clients, customers or social audiences.

Through hands-on participation in individual and group discussions, portfolio sessions, one-on-one guidance, and critical discussion on creative output, Timba will give participants some things to think about when it comes to knocking on those next doors of opportunity.

One of the hardest challenges for any artist, illustrator, or designer just starting out is getting noticed.  The inconvenient truth for creatives is… the world is full of noise! So whether you’re working in print, digital or video, you have to work harder than ever to make something that will cut through.

No matter what the message is, make it memorable or not at all. First Impressions Count.

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What you'll get

  • Lunch Included!
  • Fast tracked entrance to The Design Conference!

what to bring

  • Students should bring their folios on an iPad / Laptop or printed.

  • desire to learn from the best!


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