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Learn the art of prop food making in this intro to polymer clay workshop! You will learn all there is to know about creating your own, realistic, miniature versions of your favourite foods!

You will get a brief introduction about the materials we will be working with, how to manipulate the clay, followed by a brief demonstration. The class will focus on a few key foods which you can choose from, hint: they are all dessert based, and they will look delicious!

In the demo, Jess will show you how to mix the clay, add texture, colour, and finally, how to bake.  You will then be given the majority of class to create your own desserts!  Options to turn the art wearable will also be available; creating pins or clips to show off YOUR delicious goodies!

What you'll get

  • Polymer clay (various colours)
  • Chalk pastels
  • Sculpting tools

what to bring

  • Ideas and inspiration, photos are also welcome!


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