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Have you caught yourself mid-scroll on your phone and wondered, ‘How did I get here again… and where did all that time go?’

In 2018, you’re not alone.

This fun, social, two-hour workshop will help you to kickstart a healthier relationship with your phone, saving you time, energy and brainpower.

We’ll learn about the psychology of habits and its link to smartphone design so that we can start to undo some of Silicon Valley’s ‘good work’.

We’ll begin the workshop by pinpointing our personal phone habits and their impact on our health, productivity and creativity. Then we’ll make a customised plan to reset our relationship with our devices moving forward.

We’ve got one life. Let’s outsmart our smartphones and reclaim our brains.

What you'll get

  • A personal written plan of action for the next few days.
  • Materials and resources for further research and customisation.
  • Time, health and peace of mind.

what to bring

  • BYO smart phone (like you weren’t already going to)


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