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Did you know that the fashion industry contributes to 10% of global emissions, 20% of global water wastage, and crops such as cotton use 24% of global insecticides? Yikes. Join the sustainable fashion movement, breathe new life into your clothes and extend its lifespan indefinitely.
In this workshop we’ll cover traditional repair skills with nothing but a needle & thread. You’ll learn simple fixes like button & button hole repairs, basic patching and hand darning for repairing your rips. Once we’ve covered the basics it’s time to get creative! Japanese shashiko is the art of visible mending, and is an ancient method of repairing. This method of fixing encourages colourful and expressive stitching. We’ll provide basic sewing tools (needle, thread, etc), all you need to bring in are some items in need of some TLC.

What you'll get

  • A run down on how to mend & repair your favourite garms
  • All equipment will be provided, including needles, thread, pins & scrap fabric

what to bring

  • 2-3 items that need repairing. We’ll also have fabric scraps to practice on as well.
  • Please note that we’ll be covering basic repairs such as rips and buttonhole repairs. This workshop will not be covering alterations.
  • Your imagination


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