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If Buddha were a designer, how would he teach in the digital age? Probably using infographics and practical exercises to teach his path to permanent happiness.

The most well-known and effective method he taught was formal sitting meditation practice. However, not everyone during his time could devote all their time meditating in forests or caves! So he provided other alternatives based on his students’ individual personalities and lifestyles. He taught three main paths to attain ‘enlightenment’.

The third path is called Vajrayana, the tantric or mystic path of Buddhism, which harnesses one’s sexual energy to transform one’s pain and suffering into wisdom.

Everyone is innately creative. You were born from the sexual energy of your parents and also possess this ability to create new life. This ‘sexual energy’ is the same life force ‘artists’ channel to transform their pain into something beautiful. If properly understood and harnessed, it can also transform your life.

Art in tantra is a means to practice mindfulness and compassion towards yourself and others. This class will cover a basic overview of Buddhism and its main paths. We’ll do fun, creative exercises to practice mindfulness through art-making designed to uncover aspects of yourself, including your life’s purpose.

The aim of this class is to practice mindfulness in a fun way and how creativity can unlock your full potential as a human being. The ‘artistic’ outcome is unimportant, so don’t be scared.

What you'll get

• A basic overview of Buddhism and mindfulness presented in simple language and infographics.

• How ‘creative mindfulness’ can help you to be happier.

• Fun, creative exercises to uncover your childhood dream – the seed of your happiness and life purpose.

what to bring

Nothing. Just an open mind and your curiosity. All art materials are supplied.


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