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Fermented drinks have been around for centuries but have been lost to many for years! These wonderfully probiotic drinks offer endless creative flavour options as they deliver beneficial bugs to your gut. They make you feel energised and improve your skin, hair and nail health whilst reducing your sugar cravings and rebalancing your immune system. Kefir actually means “feel good!”

Rediscover the benefits of both Milk Kefir and Water Kefir in this 90 minute workshop. Learn how to look after these live and diverse cultures that will supply you with goodness for years to come!

What you'll get

  • A milk kefir culture already on its way
  • A dormant water kefir culture ready to start when you are
  • Step by Step instructions and suggestions for second ferments
  • Flavoured drinks
  • Kefir labna dips
  • Time for taste testing

what to bring

  • Pen and paper for notes


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