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Sick and tired of killing plants? Bored of the same ugly pots from your local garden centre? Don’t know how to relate to your leafy friends? THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

This class is all about creative gardening, about connecting with plants in an authentic and interesting way. We will talk about the basics of keeping plants happy indoors and out, propagating plants, designing with plants, and the fun stuff: Creating with plants!

We will explore a range of ideas for getting creative with plants, giving you plenty of inspiration for your home, garden, bathroom, etcetera. We will also do some hands on stuff: propagation (very sexy and fun), and you will go home with a collection of baby succulents and plenty of wild ideas on how to create a jungle in your home. FUN!

What you'll get

  • Written notes
  • A collection of succulent cuttings to grow at home
  • IDEAS!

what to bring

  • Something to transport your new plant friends home in