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We know what you’re thinking… Dita Von Teese nude in a martini glass?  Lip-synching drag queens covered in feathers?  Well yes… but Cabaret is so much more!

In this workshop, you’ll discover what it means to be a cabaret artist!!!

You’ll learn about the history behind this beautiful art form (how it differs across the world in form, style, story), how to write your own cabaret short (learning skills in listening, collaboration, and creation) and finally, performance!  You’ll get a lesson in cabaret performance and direction where intimacy and vulnerability becomes your best friend.

The magic of cabaret is that it confronts and challenges the voyeur to think and feel beyond their current state.

This course is suitable for anyone!  Artists and performers (of any kind), directors and writers, activists and poets or persons simply interested in shaking things up!

Join us.. we guarantee a good time!!!

What you'll get

  • A lesson in the history of Cabaret
  • The inspiration, motivation, and skills needed to unleash the fabulous cabaret artist within you 🙂

what to bring

  • your own playlist, if you’d like to create to your own jams!
  • A readiness to learn something new and awesome!


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.