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In this workshop, you’ll make your own colourful bath bombs using all natural ingredients. They’re fun to make and delightful to use.

Bath bombs are all the rage at the moment and if you go to any soaping website or shop you will see a huge range to choose from. But, what ingredients do these bath bombs contain? They are often made with fragrances that contain nasty toxins. These toxins can wreak havoc on your body and even irritate your skin! And while you think you’re having a nice relaxing bath you are actually swimming in a toxic soup! Eewww!!!

At this workshop you will also learn to make a gorgeous essential oil face or body serum – which you can personalise and use to rub on your skin after your soak in the tub!!  Now that’s a treat to yo-self!

What you'll get

  • Step by step of how to make your own bath bombs
  • Personalised products made with your very own formulas
  • 4 bath bombs made by you
  • Essential oil serum for face or body
  • A workbook with instructions and methods to take home!

what to bring

  • A small reusable bag to take your goodies home


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