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James Gulliver Hancock is an illustrator who is obsessively passionate about drawing. James draws everyday and embraces the ability of drawing to transform the way you see the world around you.

This workshop will guide you through processes to visually document and understand your world. We’ll make a visual summary of our selves sharing stories and techniques to document what makes us who we are. Gathering inspiration from personal references we’ll melt everything together to form a collage from which we will draw. We’ll end the night with a take home mini poster that visually summarizes ourselves. This process will include portraiture, map making, and still life drawing skills in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

What you'll get

James will bring a selection of pens and pencils and pads of paper. Approx 4 sheets of A4 and 2 sheets of A3 tracing paper per person and a pen and pencil per person.

what to bring

Bring any personal references that are relevant to yourself, photos of where you live or objects you love, old family photos maybe? These can just be on your digital device. If students have preferred drawing media they like to work in please feel free to bring it along.