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This course will be Making and Designing of greetings cards. I will be bringing in a hand drawn pencil design on one card for each of the children that they will be able to colour in, using various techniques shown to them then we will progress to the children designing their own card at the end of the class, using some visual aids and stencils to draw around or decorate with, we will focus on simplifying what we see or drawing from imagination.

Making cards is not just about imagination and creativity, although these things help. What we will also look at is: how to balance pictures, how to simplify images, how to work on decoration and design and ways of using colour effectively.

Technical skills learnt will include, paint/water colour painting techniques. Pencil crayon drawings and Ink coloured pens or texta’s. Drawing skills of line and form. Looking at when to use hard lines, dots stripes and pattern techniques to create a design.

One ticket includes entry for one parent and one child.

What you'll get

Two beautiful fully designed and crafted cards

what to bring

Any simple drawings that done previously– flowers/trees/animals