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Edible gifts are the best to receive and to give, however the cherry on top is when the edible gift is made with love by you. In this special Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Class we will show you how to hand decorate with royal icing 7 different cookies to express how you feel to your loved ones this Valentines.

We will provide the cookies, icing and teach you all the skills and tricks you need to make a unique gift this year. The class will start with basic outlining skills with the easy to use squeeze bottles, and then once we everyone is confident in their new skills we move onto outlining the actual cookies followed by “flooding” and some clever wet on wet techniques. Once the base is dry we will show you had to add some finishing touches, including some #hashtag writing and personalized messages.

By the end of the class you will walk away with a take away gift box filled with cookies to give as a perfect Valentine’s Day Gift, provided you don’t eat them yourself on the way home.

What you'll get

Everything you need to make a box of your own deliciously unique iced cookies to give to someone you love (yep, that includes self-love)!

what to bring

Just yourself!