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Let’s talk concrete. Spanning a time frame of about 5000 years, this tried and tested method for making stuff is an incredibly versatile material. The catch? Jumping into the world of concrete can be hard. You gotta know what you’re doing. Lucky for you, we have a total pro to guide you through the whole process.

In this 3 hour workshop with our resident concrete queen, Cathy from Concretefetti, you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating beautiful bespoke homewares using concrete. We’ll start by covering the basics. What concrete actually is, and a brief rundown on the history of terrazzo, safety, and materials required. Then it’s time to get making. We’ll cover safety, materials, design, fun colour options, and discuss various materials you can use for different terrazzo finishes, not to mention some industry secrets & helpful tips from Cathy.

After planning your pieces and choosing your terrazzo materials, you’ll have the skills to mix, pour and apply your design finishes. Once you’ve poured, it’s time to step away for curing. This process takes approximately 24 hours, so your pieces will stay at Work-Shop for a sleepover and will be available from the following day onwards for collection.

Next, we’ll cover sanding, an important step, but one that is only possible when the concrete has cured. You’ll be provided with a premade terrazzo coaster to take home on the day made by Cathy to practice this final crucial step. You’ll also be provided with the materials to finish sanding your own creation at home after the class.

Cement your knowledge in concrete & terrazzo and leave with the confidence and skills to continue making one of a kind, timeless pieces forevermore.

Important disclaimer: This workshop is not suitable for asthmatics or people with respiratory conditions

What you'll get

  • All materials provided, including cement powder, moulds, terrazzo chips, colour pigments, sandpaper & safety equipment.
  • A concrete terrazzo trinket tray handmade by you!
  • A concrete pre-made concrete terrazzo coaster

what to bring

  • Please wear old clothes and closed toes shoes ‚Äč


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