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One of the top fears in the world is public speaking and yet, some people make it look so easy

For many of us it can seem daunting when we are faced with a situation in which we need to communicate with a large (or even not-so-large) group of people. That shit is scary!

In this workshop with emcee, spoken-word poet, arts educator and singer/songwriter Ee’da, you will learn how to improve your presentation and public-speaking skills through a range of techniques ranging from correct breathing and posture through to pacing and tone of voice. Learn to cultivate confidence and poise in presenting to an audience, whether big or small, whether it be in your personal or professional life.

What you'll get

Learn skills centred around:

  • correct breathing 
  • positive self-talk
  • mindfulness in enunciation
  • pacing
  • tone of voice
  • gesturing
  • correct posture

what to bring

Pen and paper for taking notes


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