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This is a comic style art class where we will learn about using pencil and ink techniques, form, cartoon style line work, inking, shadows, scale, perspective & proportions. The next stage of the lesson we will design our landscape or scenery eg cityscape, country side or garage. These will be used as our backgrounds for our final piece.

There will also be a chance to learn how to draw basic caricatures and complex objects – a step by step process. Towards the end of the lessons the students will gather what they have learned and combine their own individual designs into an original and unique comic style poster.


What you'll get

  • ‘Letraset’ fine line drawing pens (black) 0.5, 0.7 & 1.0
  • White 80 gsm paper pad
  • Lightbox

what to bring

  • Clutch pencils with spare lead refills