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Come along to the summer edition of The Steepery Tea Co’s tea blending workshop. Tonight the blending table will be packed with delicious true teas and tisanes taking you on a sensory journey exploring the diversity of aroma and flavour profiles of these ingredients. During the workshop you will be given the opportunity to experiment and design a refreshing and delicious summer iced tea blend.

We will also share different cold brewing techniques and other creative cold tea formats that will allow you to take your blends to the next level at home. We will swap the kettles for ice to taste our infusions along the way.

For most of the evening you will have the opportunity to play at our tea-blending table packed with over 40 tea bases and organic tisane ingredients. These will be packaged in a reusable glass jar for you to take home and share with your family and friends.

Our Certified Tea Master will be on-hand to guide you through this process and also share tips on developing balanced and enjoyable blends with consideration to all the sensory elements for Summer.

What you'll get

  • access and tasting to over 40 different tea bases and tisane ingredients to create your own signature cold tea blend
  • glass canister containing your custom tea blend
  • palate cleansing snacks
  • tasting notes

what to bring

  • your love for TEA!


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