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Come and get your hands dirty! This crash course in the basics of hand-building will open up the wonderful world of ceramics to you. Experience the satisfaction of making something with your hands and enjoy a playful morning being creative.

Learn the foundations of hand-building techniques such as pinching and how to apply underglazes to create a decorated finish. This class focuses on creating functional objects such as bowls, plates or cups, though purely decorative works are also possible.

This class is designed for beginners or those wishing to further develop their skills without commitment to longer term class.

What you'll get

  • Clay to create your objects
  • Access to a range of underglazes and brushes
  • Use of a wide selection of clay tools
  • An A5 information booklet

what to bring

  • Sketches of ideas for possible object forms or decorative designs

  • Old clothes if you have them