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Impress your friends at your next dinner party or event with handmade clay pieces to dress the table. Over the course of three hours you will be introduced to the wonderful possibilities of working with clay to make beautiful bespoke serving ware. Learn how to roll slabs of clay, slump, mould and hand form platters, bowls and utensils such as a soft cheese knife or spoon. Decorate your platter using stamping and incising techniques and personalise with the beautiful colour palette of raw clay with white and/or black. Pieces will be high fired to make themĀ food safe and will beĀ returned to the space and made availableĀ for pick up at a later date.

This class is suitable for any skill level so enrol now and have fun with such an addictive tactile material as clay!


What you'll get

  • Beautiful earthenware clay to mould with
  • White & Black Underglaze (paint)
  • Students take away aĀ large platter and 3-4 smaller handbuilt pieces
  • Offsite Firing Service

what to bring

  • Your love of ceramics and your desire to play


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