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Do you love to doodle, but haven’t quite developed your own style of drawing? Inkboy knows your pain and is here to teach you to refine your aesthetic and characters. Raised on a diet of street art, graffiti, and cartoons (most notably Felix the Cat), Inkboy’s style fluctuated wildly through the years before he found his niche. Hundreds of attempts and 47 deleted instagram accounts later, he happened upon a space and form that resonated. And now he’s here to show you the shortcuts and tips to develop a style all your own.

We’ll begin rough, scribbling on butcher’s paper and experimenting with shape and composition, and work our way to nicer paper and more refined designs. Get comfortable and confident in your character development under the tutelage of a seasoned doodler, and soon you’ll find yourself a serious scribbler too.

What you'll get

  • Learn how to conceptualise, develop and design a character bursting with personality
  • Illustration techniques to create expressions and action poses
  • All art materials provided

what to bring

  • Just yourself and your imagination


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