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Join Natalie for this New Year themed Channel Your Inner Psychic workshop where you will connect to powerful messages and insight on what is ready to bloom forward for you in 2022.

In this workshop we are going to be focusing on tuning in and hearing the powerful inner guidance of the heart. You will also discover your guiding word for 2022 and the practical ways you can support yourself to live in alignment and consciously create what you want.  This is an exciting workshop that is highly interactive to allow you the space to connect and discover your innate psychic abilities and intuitive gifts. Even if you think you don’t have any…trust me, you do! Saying yes to this class is the first step in trusting your intuition.

You don’t need any previous experience, just a healthy curiosity to learn more about yourself.

What you'll get

  • What the psychic senses are and how to come into greater connection with them through fun mindfulness activities
  • How to work with your senses to give yourself and others a reading using oracle cards and tarot cards
  • Ways you can use your intuition everyday to make choices that are right for you and allow you to trust and follow your heart.


  • Gift pack with your very own intuitively picked crystal

what to bring

  • Pen and Notebook should you like to take notes (not essential)
  • There will be Oracle and Tarot cards provided on the night but if you would like to bring your own card decks you are more than welcome
  • Everything else for the evening is provided for you!


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