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Whether you’re a graphic designer, artist, typographer or just like learning new things, this 3 hour workshop with calligraphic aficionada Maria Montes will deepen your understanding of the art of Calligraphy, covering everything from the origins and evolution of the different styles, through to how it can be used in a contemporary context, through to what materials you’ll need and how to use them.

In the first part of the class you’ll gain an understanding of 6 calligraphy scripts in a historical context as well as examples of contemporary applications. Learn the origins and evolution of Roman Capitals, Carolingian, Fraktur, Italic and Copperplate styles. Maria will give you an overview of the nibs, inks and paper used on each calligraphy style, using examples of her own personal artworks to talk you through the process involved.

The second part of the class is hands-on practice – using bamboo pens and walnut ink you’ll learn Neuland calligraphy based on the typeface with the same name designed by Rudolph Koch in 1923. Maria will show you how to cut your own bamboo pen and build a simple reservoir to obtain larger strokes.

Come with a word of sentence to create your own calligraphy piece!

What you'll get

  • 3 hours of learning an analog skill, surrounded by the amazing environment of Work-Shop Melbourne, in the heart of Fitzroy
  • All materials to be used for the class including Bamboo pens, inks and paper
  • Snacks and drinks will also be provided to keep you going!

what to bring

Just yourself!

Come with a word of sentence to create your own calligraphy piece!


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