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Are you a young professional trying to get into the property market but don’t know how to do it or where to begin? This session is designed to help you stop looking at the rising prices and wondering if it will ever be possible, and instead start building your knowledge so you can take action towards your property dream with confidence.

This workshop will help you understand the most important areas you need to get right with property, how to avoid mistakes and most importantly, how to get started.

NB: This workshop is geared toward people looking to buy their first property. For existing property owners,  check out our advanced class.

What you'll get

  • Property basics and how to get into the market
  • How you can manage key risks when you buy property
  • The property buying process
  • The actions you can take immediately to drive better money results
  • What your next steps should be and how to get started

what to bring

  • Enthusiasm and motivation to take action and get better results from your money
  • A smartphone to download workshop resources


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