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Does the idea of networking scare the pants off you? Exchanging business cards with a sterile, “What do you do?” is outdated, awkward and forgettable. But human connection is an overwhelmingly powerful tool for career progression and building confidence. This workshop aims to coax you safely out of your comfort zone so you can realise your individual worth, sell yourself to others, and get a kick out of doing it.

We’ll cover how to to talk yourself up without feeling uncomfortable, engaging questions to ask and the general dos and don’ts of effective networking. Explore strategies to make genuine, memorable connections, banish second-guessing and cure your impostor syndrome. Soon you’ll be rubbing elbows with VIPs and tooting your own horn with ease and steeze.

What you'll get

  • A confidence boost and a reminder that you are not alone

  • Tips for engaging interactions aside from asking, “What do you do?”

  • A cure for your impostor syndrome

  • A safe way to leave your comfort zone


what to bring

  • Just yourself!


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