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Where do all your dollary-doos go? If you find yourself asking this question on the regular, this two-hour beginners’ budgeting workshop is for you. Learning about money management can be boring, confusing and overwhelming, but you don’t need a financial planner or to comb YouTube for cheesy videos. In this class, we’ll cover the saving and budgeting skills necessary to reach your financial goals, a comprehensive outline for preparing a budget, and how to maximise your savings.

Everyone’s money situation is different, and this class will arm you with the skills to produce a budget aligned with your particular values and vision for the future. This is a no-judgment, practical guide to effective moolah management. If you want stacks of smacks or just a better handle on your dollars, this class is the one. Take the yawning out of money matters and regain control of your dough, and you’ll be winning bread for the rest of your life.

What you'll get

  • Set powerful personalised money goals for your best life in 2021.
  • Learn how to balance what you spend and what you save – enjoy life now and invest in your future.
  • Create your very own personalised Best Life Budget.
  • The next steps to take to implement this budget in your life so you actually use it!

what to bring

  • Just yourself


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