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Music evokes strong emotions and influences our mood. In this class you will learn how to express yourself through art by responding to the rhythms and composition of a diverse range of music.

This is a fun and approachable class suited to people who have never picked up a paint brush to experienced artists looking for new inspiration. You will learn various techniques involved in drawing and painting to music that you can use to de-stress, reflect and create whilst listening to your favourite music.

This workshop is for EVERYONE!  Total beginners, or those with painting experience… all are welcome! We’ll also make sure to have some cheeky drinks available to you to get those creative juices flowing… if desired 🙂

What you'll get

  • All materials to create your final masterpiece on canvas
  • A range of music to evoke and inspire
  • A very impressive sound system
  • Wine to get those creative juices flowing!
  • Joy and happiness for entirety after learning the power of combining music and art

what to bring

  • Nothing but an open mind 🙂


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