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In the process of continually raising the bar of coffee quality, the specialty coffee industry has adopted all sorts of high tech gadgetry and state-of-the-art equipment that no punter, no matter how obsessive, could feasibly own.

We want the deliciousness of our coffee to be accessible to the masses, so we’ve tailored this class towards the home drinker with only the most simple equipment: a kettle, a set of scales, an Aeropress and a hand grinder.

You will learn the basic theory behind coffee extraction as well as some really useful brewing techniques. Hopefully you’ll find that you don’t need all the most expensive toys to create top notch brews at home. 

You will discover how good filter coffee really can be. Kiss milk goodbye!

What you'll get

In order to make the best home brew, you will get hands on experience with the following equipment:

  • Aeropress Brewers
  • Hand Grinders
  • Scales
  • Hot water urn
  • Coffee (of course!)
Hand Grinders, Aeropress and coffee available for sale at conclusion of class

what to bring

  • A love for a brew!