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Breathwork and Ice Baths have been used by many cultures for centuries to improve vitality and promote healing. Understanding how we breathe is a powerful way to access your body’s well-being. This course will offer you the chance of personal transformation through improved mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

We will run through breathing methodologies and practices that provide a safe way to:

Increase energy levels, self-awareness, and happiness
Reduce stress and anxiety
Help reduce pain and release toxins from the body
Explore altered states of consciousness
Give you the mental conditioning to complete the ice bath

Join us and experience firsthand the healing power of breath and ice.

This workshop is not suitable for expectant mothers or people with epilepsy or schizophrenia

What you'll get

Know your BOLT score
Breathing tools to help deal with what life throws at you
Awesome pic opportunities for the Gram

what to bring

Yoga Mat
Warm active ware or loose comfortable clothing (your body temp can drop during breathing exercises)


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