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If you’ve ever scrolled through social media feeds and come across those gorgeous photos of hairstyles and braids, oohed and ahhhed, jumped straight on youtube to find a tutorial, and then cried tears of frustration and despair some hours later when you’ve proceeded to turn your hair or your unlucky victim’s hair into a bird’s nest or something equally unrecognisable to the original- then this is the class for you. Avid braider Kelly Batten will walk you through each step behind 3 popular hairstyles that you’ve no doubt experienced the above scenario in attempting: the Fishtail, the Milkmaid Braid, and the Halo Braid.

Learn the skills to make any girl feel gorgeous on her wedding day, and turn a bad hair day into something amazing.  Or perhaps your a Mumma or Pappa who wants to add a few more kid friendly hairstyles to the repertoire?

Since you learn the styles first on your model and then on yourself, everyone walks away with fabulous do’!

What you'll get

  • All products, hair pins, and elastics provided
  • The skills to pull off 3 gorgeous styles
  • Beautiful hairstyles for you and your model

what to bring

  • A Comb + Brush!
  • A model!  Hit up ya bestie they get an awesome hair style out of it! (the longer the hair the better)
  • Something to take photos with
  • Thermal styling tools such as curling wands/irons, straightening irons, texturises (only if you have them as won’t inhibit the class if you don’t)


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