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Monika’s passion and specialty is making wall hangings and tapestry that are both rich in colour and texture.

While Monika was searching for ‘one of a kind’ tapestries materials, she discovered botanical dyeing, which allowed her to produce unique yarn colours herself.

During this  2 hour Botanical dyeing workshop, you’ll be taught where to look for dyes, how to effectively mordant the fabric and how to prepare a dye bath.

This workshop is suited for knitters, weavers, spinners, or anyone looking to create their own beautiful plant-based dyes; with each student learning how to dye their chosen material. Included in the package to take home is an e-book on botanical dying and a hank of hand-dyed wool.

This is a beginners class and no prior knowledge is required.

What you'll get

various botanical dyes, fabric swatches for dyeing, 50 g wool + ebook

what to bring

Optional – You’re welcome to bring your own fabric or wool to dye (preferably cotton, wool or silk/ 100-200g of fabric).

A good mood!


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