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Channel your inner Warhol and join us for a raucous Friday evening screen- having a bevvie or two and printing some pop art inspired works of art.

The pop art movement began in the 1950’s based on simple, bold images of everyday items, such as soup cans, painted in bright colors. It’s style lends itself perfectly to the medium of screen printing- in this class, you’ll get the low down on screen printing 101- how to create and use stencils to create an awesome design, how to print using the screens and layering stencils up to create texture and depth.

It’s your own adventure from there, where you’ll be turned loose to use your new found skills to create an epic piece of pop art to hang on your wall or gift to a loved one.

Time to make your Friday night a whole lot more colourful!

What you'll get

  • Screens with pre-prepared pop art inspired images to print with, as well as blank screens to create your own backgrounds/other stencils to mix and match create your own unique piece of art
  • A shitload of glorious colours of paint to choose from
  • A canvas to print your artwork on, plus materials to do test prints on
  • Expert guidance from legend Kitty from Mrs C & Me
  • Pop art images for reference
  • Mad 50’s/60’s tunes all night

what to bring

  • Boooooooze. It’s BYO bitches.
  • Any simple images that you might like to turn into a stencil for your print
  • Any other flat, pale materials you might also like to print on (eg plain cotton fabrics, paper, clothing) We will most likely be printing with acrylic paints (not fabric paints) but you can still create a cool piece on fabric to hang in your home!
  • Bring your ideas!!
  • Your best mates
  • A terrible silver Andy Warhol inspired wig, if so inclined


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