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Lobotomies, we’re all heard about them right? We’ve seen them in the Simpsons, in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, in the Kennedy family… wait, the KENNEDY family?!?!…. WTF?

While you might already think the idea of removing parts of people’s brains is a bit messed up, the history of lobotomies is even more chilling than you would expect. Like… it was only banned in the 70’s?! That’s only 40 years ago people!

Join Maddy as she presents to you, the unbelievable, shocking, borderline-infuriating history of lobotomies. We provide the info, the laughs and the booze- just bring your curiosity and your mates for another round of Boozy Science Night!

Stay tuned for more Boozy Science Night topics later this year!

What you'll get

  • A hilarious and riveting presentation on a topic of science- specifically the messed up procedure that is lobotomies
  • WINE!!!

what to bring

  • A sense of humour and an open mind
  • BYO if a couple of drinks aren’t enough for ya


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