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Have you ever wondered what the hell DNA even is?
Need some more science knowledge to really dominate trivia at your local?
Like to hear some new science puns to add to your repertoire?
Or just want to feel smarter than your pals?

Well, why not become a bit smarter while also becoming a bit boozed!

Madellaine has been a dork since she was introduced to Biology in her high school years, and enjoys nothing more than speaking about science over a glass of vino!

Join us and Madellaine for an evening full of laughs and learning.

Free joke/new pickup line for being interested enough to click:

Girl, you’re so hot you denature my proteins**

Disclaimer: If you don’t understand this joke, please come along so I can explain prior to use to ensure successful delivery and lols.

What you'll get

  • A hilarious and riveting presentation on a topic of science
  • Beer by Young Henry’s & Wine by Cake Wines

what to bring

  • A sense of humour and an open mind


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