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Do you obsess over crime podcasts? Does Serial or Australian true crime get you through the work day?

Want in on the world of crime? Take the murder mystery netflix binge to the next level with a night of laughs and extra know-how.

Maddy is a master of the true-crime genre, she now has what some might consider an obsession with the psychology of criminals.

Perfect for anyone looking to start their true-crime obsession, or those wanting a boozy night of fun amongst fellow lovers of all things mystery. So join her to feed your true crime addiction and learn about the science and psychology of psychopaths!




What you'll get

  • A hilarious and riveting presentation on a topic of science
  • A community of like minded murder nerds to engage in discussions of all things gory.

what to bring

  • A sense of humour and an open mind
  • It is a boozy science night about psychopaths so BYO drinks to get the blood flowing! And food if you want some some munchies to get you through.


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