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Have you dabbled in terrarium making before, or looking to try something a little more advanced?

Join Amy from Petite Green for this 2 hour Bonsai Ficus Terrarium Workshop unique to Work-Shop Melbourne, where you will learn the basics of terrarium design, assembly, soil composition and plant care specific to Bonsai Ficus plants.

Come get your hands dirty, learn some interesting facts and walk away with an awesome new Bonsai Ficus terrarium!

What you'll get

Everything you need to create your own unique terrarium including Bonsai Ficus, moss, soil, rocks & plastic figurines

what to bring

All you have to bring is an open mind, a sense of adventure and your chosen glass vessel. Your Glass vessel should be approx 15cm x 25cm, such as a cookie jar, vase or specially designed terrarium vase. 


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.