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Learn to carve your own stamps out of soft, pliable rubber and hand print your own designs on fabric to make your own unique DIY Cloth Pot.

This class will cover the basics of creating a design suitable for block printing, how to plan a design to cover a larger area, how to transfer a design onto the carving block and carve with a lino cutter set, what paints and ink are suitable for stamping on fabric and how to heat set the inks to make them permanent. There will be time allotted for sketching simple designs and participants will then work at carving their stamps. Stamps can be tested on calico fabric provided before printing onto your fabric.

You will take home an instruction sheet containing information on all the materials used in class, your carved stamps and printed fabric, plus test prints and hopefully a new love for hand printing!

What you'll get

Instruction sheets, tracing paper and pencils

A variety of design inspiration and stamp examples

Carving tools and a variety of non-toxic, water based inks for class use

Rubber carving blocks

Cotton calico for testing stamps

Everything you need to make your DIY Cloth Pot – including  100% linen fabric and all materials and instructions (suitable for all sewing levels) to complete your project at home.

Please note – sewing will not be done in class, so it is recommended that you have access to a sewing machine at home (or know someone you could borrow one from)! If you would prefer to print a linen tea towel or calico tote bag instead – these will be available to you in the class!



what to bring

Please wear clothes that you won’t mind getting ink on

Bring your design ideas – sketches, reference images, anything that help get you inspired!

You’re welcome to bring any other fabric items you’d like to print on