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Commuting around inner city Sydney on bike has never been as safe and fun, with new dedicated bike lanes appearing all the time.

This class will focus on getting to know the different parts of your bike & how to know your bike is safe and running smoothly. It will also be helpful as a guide to buying a second hand bike.

The class will cover:

  • smooth bike operations and maintenance
  • how to ensure what your doing to your bike is in it’s best interests and will prolong it’s life

We will show you a few cheap and easy tricks that will make your trip smoother, faster and way more fun!

What you'll get

Our full mobile workshop! Including:

  • tools
  • several bike stands
  • replacement parts if necessary (generic items such as cables/ brake pads at cost to the student)
  • a super limited Rolling Fix Multi Tool

what to bring

  • Yourself
  • Your bike
  • Pad and pen/ smartphone