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Ready to take the plunge into the exciting world of resin art? We’re thrilled to introduce our beginner’s resin casting workshop, specifically designed to turn resin newbies into pros.

Resin casting is a fantastic, versatile craft, but it’s essential to remember that safety comes first. Resin can be dangerous and toxic if mishandled, which is why this workshop is led by an experienced professional. We’ll teach you all about resin safety, how to handle epoxy resin, and the ins and outs of resin casting.

In our hands-on, fun-filled resin art class we’ll walk you through crafting a resin cast using two-part epoxy resin. We’ll cover everything you need to know about casting resin, from picking the best brands to embedding objects into resin and using alcohol ink – an excellent way to personalize your pieces! Plus, we’ll share some top tips to ensure you’re equipped with the right knowledge to venture into the world of resin DIY.

Once we’ve got the fundamentals down, we’ll get our hands dirty and let your creativity take flight. We’ve got a bright spectrum of pigments, alcohol ink, glitter, and more to bring your designs to life. You’ll craft an 18cm resin tray, and you’re welcome to bring small keepsakes to embed into your casting. Don’t have anything in mind? No worries, we’ve got a bunch of decorative pieces ready for you. Just remember, any embedded items should be smaller than 1cm.

Just a heads up, resin curing is a process that takes patience – about 48 hours to dry. But the wait is worth it when you see your gorgeous, shiny piece of resin homeware. You can collect your creation a few days after the class.


What you'll get

  • A one-of-a-kind completed capsule tray (pick up after 48 hours)
  • A comprehensive info booklet – giving you loads of resources and valuable info!
  • A fun couple of hours making something you can keep forever!

what to bring

  • Any items you wish to embed into your tray. We will have plenty of materials to choose from if you don’t have anything particular in mind.
  • Clothes that are not sentimental or you don’t mind getting dirty. Accidents can happen and resin pigments are notorious for hardcore stubborn staining!


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