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Join us for an evening of unmuzzled experimentation, shit-borking, and bonding over our floofy friends. Bring a mate, bring a date, or come solo and meet some like-minded furnatics.

It’s time to immortalise your love for your old Fido and Mittens and craft your own matching pendants. Using the ancient method of lost wax carving, you’ll learn an easy and low-cost method for making unique pieces all on their own. Lost wax carving starts with making a wax model of your desired object, which is used to create a metal mold called casting. The casts are then taken to have molten brass poured into the mould and, once hardened, filed or carved into its final shape.

We’ll cover the different varieties of wax and their properties, and how to create a pendant using basic shaping techniques with files and carving tools. You’ll gain an understanding of the lost wax technique, casting, and finishing of metal jewellery. Explore texture and pattern through the creation of several wax pendants and select a favourite to have finished in brass.

Please note that your pieces will be ready for collection approximately three weeks after the class.

What you'll get

  • A comprehensive beginner’s overview of the casting process, different waxes and their applications, use of jeweler’s tools, and advice on finishing your future metal pieces (also covered in a detailed handout available)

  • Two pendants (one for you, and one for your furry friend) The option to have your pieces cast in silver will also be available on the night for an additional cost

  • The opportunity to carve several different wax pendants

what to bring

  • Just yourself
  • If you have a friendly and calm doggo who’ll be happy to chill out while you create, they are more than welcome to come!


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