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Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. For centuries, it has been written with a quill dipped into ink, and not much has changed. The same tools that were used then to write historical scrolls are now used to create a mix of traditional (Copperplate, Spencerian, Italian Hand, etc ) and chic modern calligraphy.  This class is structured around learning the basic traditional letterforms before tweaking them to create a modern take on calligraphy.

Throughout the 3 hour introductory hands-on course, you will be personally assisted with any questions you may have as Joanna shares her tips and lessons learned from her own calligraphy journey.  You will be walked through the basics, an introduction to the materials and tools, learning how to load the nib with inks, how much ink to load, how to hold a pen and proper posture and of course, learning how to write the actual letters.

Perfect for both the beginner and hobbyist, learn traditional pointed pen calligraphy with a modern twist! With lots of hands-on practice, you’ll find that calligraphy is not only beautiful to look at, it is also very therapeutic, an addictive!

No prior experience needed.

What you'll get

  • Penholders
  • Modern and Vintage nibs
  • Ink
  • Quality Practice Paper
  • Instructional Guidesheets
  • List of supplies and where to get them

what to bring

Your enthusiasm and a passion for learning


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