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If you think you’re totally hopeless at putting pen to paper, think again. Learning to draw is easier than you think, even for those whose artistic abilities seem non-existent.

Experience the joy of drawing in our beginner-friendly drawing class, perfect for those who’ve always wanted to learn but didn’t know where to start.

Our class offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of drawing, starting with the basics of sketching and object simplification. Learn to break down subjects into their basic elements, making it easier to capture what you see onto paper. We’ll then guide you through shading techniques, helping you understand and create dimensionality in your drawings.

This beginner drawing class provides a supportive and relaxed environment where making mistakes is part of the learning process. Experiment with different techniques, discover hidden talents, and grow your artistic confidence in a fun, judgment-free setting.

In this engaging drawing workshop, you’ll not only build essential sketching skills but also meet new friends who share your interest. Grab your pen and step into the exciting world of drawing – you’ll be sketching masterpieces before you know it.

What you'll get

  • A comprehensive workshop on sketching & drawing
  • All materials provided

what to bring

  • Some inspiration and ideas for a drawing you’d like to do in the class
  • If you have a sketchbook that you love, feel free to bring it along


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