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Join our fun and relaxed ceramics class in Melbourne, where you’ll explore the world of hand-built ceramics and create functional, one-of-a-kind pieces to treasure. Dive into the world of clay and experience the joy of making something with your own hands that you can use every day!

In this workshop, you’ll master the essentials of hand-building techniques, such as pinching, slabbing, coiling, and joining. From crafting your own cups, bowls, and spoons to designing ring holders and other unique creations, the possibilities are endless in this hands-on ceramics experience.

This particular session will focus on crafting a bespoke coffee or tea set, allowing you to create a stunning, personalized collection for your home. However, we encourage creativity and personal expression, so if you feel inspired to make something different, you’re more than welcome to follow your artistic instincts. Our friendly instructors will be on hand to guide you, ensuring you have the support and skills necessary to bring your unique vision to life.

No need for prior experience or long-term commitments; our Melbourne ceramics class is perfect for beginners or those wanting to experiment further with clay. After learning the basics, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from Daisy’s vibrant glaze colours to give your masterpieces a stunning finish.

Once your pieces are high-fired and glazed, you’ll be able to take them home and proudly display or use your handmade ceramic treasures. Experience the satisfaction of creating something truly unique while exploring the fascinating world of ceramics in Melbourne.

Sign up for our ceramics class today and ignite your creativity while learning valuable hand-building techniques in a friendly, laid-back environment filled with plants and art to spark inspiration.

What you'll get

  • Stoneware Clay to create 3-4 smaller pieces or 2 larger creations!
  • Tools and textural material to play with.
  • Underglazes to decorate with.
  • Coloured or transparent glaze for glaze firing
  • Firing service

Note – All clay pieces will be glazed and fired following the workshop. You will be able to pick up your pieces from Work-shop approximately 2-4 weeks later or we can have them delivered to you for an additional fee. Students will be able to choose their preferred option on the day.

what to bring

Clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty in!

A creative mind open to the possibilities of clay!


Be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions before grabbing a ticket.