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Take your love of beer to the next level and brew your own bevvies! The craft beer revolution is well and truly alive here in Sydney. It feels like a new beer brand appears every time you step into your local.

In this workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know about crafting your own beer from start to finish. We’ll go over basic brewing theory – what grains, hops and yeasts really do, both in the beers you like and in the beers you don’t. After that, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty, discussing the necessary equipment you’ll need and making our brew. As a group, we’ll get the party started, steeping our grains and discussing various ingredients and methods you can use to enhance flavours. We’ll then move on to the fermenting process, covering sterilization, yeast and storage. Finally, we’ll move on to bottling and how to do it correctly! Beer takes at least two weeks to ferment, so you’ll bottle beer we’ve prepared earlier.

Please note this workshop is strictly 18+ and limited to 10 spots!

What you'll get

  • Beers to taste
  • A comprehensive lesson on homebrewing
  • Workshop notes including tips and tricks
  • Beers to take home!

what to bring

  • Bring pens and paper if you’d like to take notes
  • A vigorous liver


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